Monday, October 19, 2009

Back into the Blog loop with a fun new contest!

Sooooooo..who is up for some more playsilks to add to your child's stash? Still haven't tried playsilks and really NEED to try them;)

This time I want you all to go to ETSY!
Search for naturalkids team then choose which amazing creation is your favorite!
Let me know by posting it here with the shop's name along with an EMAIL of where you can be reached if you are the chosen one:)

If you win you will receive a set of my mini silks in Pumpkin Patch Colors. 1 Earthy Brown 1 Gorgeous Green 1 Vibrant Orange. All silks are 11 X 11 Inches.

Winner will be chosen by my 7 year old daughter. She will pick a number from the amount of posts received. That number will win the silks.



jeannette said...

I have to pick a favorite??? so many wonderfully talented artist there. But I do have a soft spot for asherjasper's egg monsters! too cute!

The Ferrys said...

Oh, if I had to pick, I'd say it was the needle felted owl. Or the hedgehog in the pot. I really couldn't pick. I loved the site -- Natural Kids and Toys. You can reach me at amanda (dot) ferry (at) gmail (dot) com

dragonladyevelyn said...

the shop is naturalkidsteam@etsy and the item I LOVE(wish I could afford..sniff..sniff)is;
12 inch Doll according to waldorf pedagogy, by ruprecht..
here is the address for the doll..[]=tags&includes[]=title

my address is


Mindy said...

OMG i'm sooo in love with the felted unicorn and pixie set from huesofnature!!! soooo cute

decembermoon @ gmail . com

faerycharming said...

This hand dyed silk
Autumn Wood Playsilk
From whimsical mom is my favorite. I want it for myself! Forget letting the kids play with it.
my addy is faerycharming at g mail dot com

Jessica said...

luvs2labor @ gmail . com

Charity said...

lalaspequenos is the seller and the Newborn Noonie in pink print is my favorite:[]=tags&includes[]=title

My e-mail is junkmailus(at)sbcglobal(dot)net

marysaline said...

Everything is wonderful, but I think I like the little green felted frog. He has such a cheerful little face.
I can be reached at

MothersMoon said...

I adore the Needle Felted Light Green Wool Frog Ball in asherjasper's shop!

Lacey said...

Well, if I am going to dream, I'll dream BIG. asherjasper's Needle Felted Wool Playscape with Miniature Animals, Toadstool and Cave totally knocked my socks off.[]=tags&includes[]=title

cutelittlething said...

softearthart's Mother Earth and babies, see it here...[]=tags&includes[]=title
I'm at:

Naturalearthfarm said...

Nearly impossible to pick a favorite - but I really like the needlefelted Peter Rabbit at
Thanks for the drawing!

Hallie said...

I love love love the lamb from Woolies shop!!!

*Miss Cake* said...

I can't pick just one!! I love this sleep mat and so many of the dolls, this Wild Thing[]=tags&includes[]=title, this rainbow unicorn[]=tags&includes[]=title....I could just go on! :)

My addy is

momma rae said...

no way could i choose a fave! some of my fave etsians are on that team. i am going to choose beneath the rowan tree's playscapes. so fun!! ;)

germandolls said...

Great contest! thanks for promoting our lovely team on your blog!

Rebecca said...

I'm such a fan of upcycling, that I love the Recycled sweater wallet by fairiesnest. Loved looking at all the beautiful creations.

mitchell dot rebeccaj at gmail dot com

Priscila said...

you have such a fun blog and etsy store!!! Cant wait to read more
Please come visit me at and enter my current giveaway. I try to have a new and AMAZING giveaway every Monday so I hope you decide to become a follower so you don't miss out!

sittin said...

Like others have said, it's hard to pick a favorite, but maybe

the felted unicorn by Nushkie